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S/4 George Orwell Set

S/4 George Orwell Set | One Kings Lane


George Orwell is 'too Left-wing' for a statue, BBC tells Joan Bakewell

BBC declares that George Orwell, the author of Animal House, was too much a left-winger to have a statue of him outside of their new headquarters.

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The Futurists (Aldous Huxley + George Orwell) by Troy Gua

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Monitor Political Cartoons

As George Orwell once said, some fairy tales are more truer than other fairy tales.

- King Claudius - from Hamlet by Ina Centaur, via Flickr(Charterzation)


Look Closely and Stand Quietly and you might hear the Fairy Whispers...........


1984 by George Orwell....... I read this in the 1950s. Still recommend it.

Orwell on the vehemence of Tolstoy's opinion of Shakespeare