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Difficult... BUT an arm of affection could change it all!!

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No I won't go say hi! Oh they're coming over here? Well get the confetti we gotta put on a show. Smiles everyone!

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because they don't want you to feel like you have to stop everything to help us.

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picky and perceptive - it only takes a few minutes to make an assessment and then we're flexible enough to change our mind later if we were wrong (rarely wrong)

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i hide my emotions but if i am sad i will feel sad, if i am happy i will feel happy, exetera

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Gemini Rockzzz, Gemini Rules, Gemini Posts, Gemini Thang, Gemini Horoscopes, Gemini Board, Gemini Traits, Gemini Quotes, Gemini Life

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Zodiac Gemini Facts

Zodiac Gemini Facts |

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This is so true....that it's funny!

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True! It's been this way my whole life

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Guess I know where I get certain traits from that don't quite fit with Taurus (was born 5/20 so I was apparently born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini)

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