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RYAN: You could go very simple with the action set of icons and just use the tool that applies. Seed packet, pot, watering can, trowel.and something for the last step.

Garden Perspective Drawing is method that anyone can learn to draw a home garden for fun or to make a plan for future plantings. These tips from Landscape Designer and Illustrator make it easy to do at home. - Gardening Take

How to Draw The Rustic Garden Gate With A Stone Arch (How to Draw Worksheets for Young Artist)

This Project can be a colorful and satisfying picture. The free worksheet below may be printed by highlighting it and saving to your device. BEGINNING OUTLINE The rustic garden gate is a stone arch.

Illustrations Cacti -- Magic Cactus Garden - Geffen Refaeli freelance illustrator from Tel Aviv.

How to Draw Worksheets for The Young Artist: How To Draw A Garden Lamp Post - or the not so young if they are learning