New Mockingjay Part 2 Banner - "Fallen Snow"

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hey, my name is Gale. i live in district 12, and my best friend is katniss everdeen. i have feelings for her. the reaping is coming up and im sure im gonna be picked. i take care of her family and mine. we are hunting buddies

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Gale Hawthorne: Rebel

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Gale Hawthorne- (not my favorite guy(; ) im more of a peeta girly(((:

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Photos: Exclusive: Jennifer Lawrence in Katniss Everdeen Couture for Hunger Games: Catching Fire | Vanity Fair. Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne.

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Things Gale Hawthorne likes

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"Are you, are you comeing to the tree.Where they strung up the man they said murdered three.Strange did happen here, no stranger would it be. If we meet up at at midnight at the hanging tree...

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Elisabeth Wheatley: "Who did this?" she demanded, lifting his chin as gently as she could. "Who did this to you?" His eyelids fluttered, but he only groaned, too weak to answer. "I'll kill them," she swore. "Whoever it was, I'll never let them hurt you again."

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that is a very good point..sometimes i wish he would have tried harder, but then i remember Gale and Katniss would never work..she needs Peeta's calm and peace in her life.

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I don't prefer Gale over Peeta but I do think Gale doesn't get all the appreciation his character deserves. Don't agree with the Peeta not looking out part though

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