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Capital Ship #1, Render 1 by Vattalus

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It has been a long coming, but here finally is a new Vision Afar piece. "Enormous structures arc from ground based space ports into orbit allowing safe passage in and out of the planets atmosphere"...

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P.F.U.V - Personal Folding Urban Vehicle by Eduardo Diaz Tostado

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What a space city would actually look like in real life

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101 Futuristic Eco-Friendly Vehicles

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Drive & Live Off Grid: Convertible Mobile Caravan Concept - three-wheeled Ecco a streamlined and transforming vehicles for dwelling in. Emission-free and fully-electric vehicle can juice up just like its Tesla cousins, but can also use photovoltaics and solar sails to recharge well off the beaten path.

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concept cars/eRinGo Concept Car-2009

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eDdJR.jpg (1920×1080)

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