On ne peut qu’être fasciné(e) par les sculptures de Romain Langlois, depuis plus…

Magnifiques sculptures mêlant minéral et bronze par l’artiste français Romain Langlois

A self-taught sculptor, Romain Langlois visually pulls apart natural objects, as in his bisected rocks and tree trunks with stretched bronze interiors.

Pokemon Fusion Art (x-post to r/pokemon) - Dorb is cute :)

Pokemon Fusion Art

Pokemon Fusion Art - Half of these I don't know whether to be fascinated or scared out of my mind.

Pokemon Fusion Art - so frickin cool

Pokemon Fusion Art - Cubone and Growlithe fusion and Marowak and Arcanine fusion

Artist Creates Wild Pokemon Fusions

Pokemon fusion// this is what we can evolve to if only Valor and mystic could just fighting with one another. I'm just over here wishing team instinct has dream and it is this magnificent pokemon fusion

Fused glass art - JLS Glass Studio

JLS Glass Studio creates unique fused glass artwork suitable for display and use in your home.

Can I just say that I would LOVE having a pokemon like this? Because I love this!

Epic Pokemon Fusion Art

Artist Creates Wild Pokemon Fusions

Artist Creates Wild Pokemon Fusions: How original and gorgeous is that Vaporeon/Goldeen?