Pin for Later: 13 Tips For Extending the Life of Your Starbucks Products Use Old Coffee Bags as Coasters Give waterproof Starbucks coffee bags a second life by creating durable coasters.

Fused Plastic Tutorial: layer abt 6 layers of plastic (trash bags, grocery bags, plastic table cloth, whatever) between heavy paper. iron with hot iron (keep it moving) until it's all fused. peel the paper off.

How To Fuse Plastic Bags: Ironing plastic shopping bags together creates a versatile material that can be used in countless craft projects. It's waterproof, flexible, easy to work with, and a cinch to make.

Hey Kathleen, this one is awesome! Fusing plastic bags and printing on them with alcohol based inks. Cool way to recycle plastic grocery bags.

21 Frugal Living Tips To Try This Year

Save plastic from the landfill by using old shopping bags to create fused plastic linings for reusable sandwich wrappers.

Fused Plastic Bags and Accessories

I started fusing plastic bags in April Since then I have made a lot of items such as purses, tote bags, shopping bags, cosmetic pouches, and pencil cases.

former pinner said "there's nothing attached to this pin other than the picture, but I LOVE this idea" (I've been saving plastic packaging for several months and have fun creating with it).