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The friend-zone---typically, my home.

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A poem of the illustrious friendzone. - Imgur

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"because i'm not the kind of girl guys fall in love with" apparently.

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Guys complain that they want the sweet girl they can "cuddle and watch movies with" You know where we are? In the friend zone where you left us while you chase the model-looking-sluts.

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Image result for escaping the friend zone

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Only the ones that aren't up to par. And then I get mad at my friend who thinks they deserve someone sub par. Smack-i-fy!

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I have been waiting for someone to say this. The so-called "friendzone" also applies to girls. Stupid friend-zone!!!

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Tried and true. I've seen it work before, I've basically done this before. Well, more of hope that they come to the same conclusion than wait for them to realise it

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How to Survive the Friend Zone

How to Survive the Friend Zone. #Relationships #FriendZone

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The Daily Dip: Funny Pic Dump #13

21 Friend Zone Memes That Know How You Feel 4 -

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