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The back of her hair cut. Frankie Sandford
I'm realizing all these hairdos I pin are THE SAME GIRL and I have no idea who she is. But I love her hair.

Ashley Cole and Frankie Sandford rumoured to be 'seeing each other'

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Frankie Sandford... Looks like Robin longer
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Stepping up their style: The girls, including Frankie Sandford and Una Healy, have upped their fashion stakes as they set about making an impact Staeside

Una Healy's daughter Aoife Belle becomes one of The Saturdays as the girls take it in turns to dote on her during LA trip

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I love this cut and color. I doubt i could pull off the cut, but definetly could do the color...        Frankie Sandford's Undercut Style Works Well With Her Rich Chocolate Hair Colour, 2010 | Mobile

Frankie Sandford's Hair: A Look Back...