Francois Arnaud as Cesare Borgia. Those leather pants!!! Be still my heart!

That glare... Francois Arnaud as Cesare Borgia

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Francois Arnaud | Things I Love

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François Arnaud - François Arnaud Photo (32287427) - Fanpop fanclubs...Cesare Borgia

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The trait you most value in others “Intelligence. And kindness. Combined, they’re pretty much the s–t." Dream dinner guests? “The Beatles? Or maybe the Borgias, but I’d make sure I’m in charge of the wine and that no one would touch my glass and we would all have plastic utensils." Words to live by? “Behave, then you don’t have to apologize." - Francois Arnaud

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Francois fav on The Borgias........did I mention he speaks French?? Gorgeous

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francois arnaud+blindspot - Buscar con Google

François Arnaud (CESEARE IN THE BORGIAS) I kinda love him, even though his character has ISSUES

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“My garden is filled with beautiful women and you stand here like a brooding nemisis!” — Cesare Borgia

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