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4 Ways to Retain Moisture at Night When the Satin Bonnet Isn’t Enough

Somalis and Ethiopians - the most beautiful people in the world!

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Jaipur, India. Photography by Angel Trotter HERMOSO ROSTRO BELLOS OJOS.

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The Beauty Of Street Photography

there is something indefinable in her face, girl, child, kid, hands, expression, hands, beauty, cute, powerful face, intense eyes, emotional, poverty, portrait, b/w

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What's your style nationality?

Do a photo expose or something about the beautiful people in one of my fave African countries.......Uganda. <3

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Beauty | 美しさ | Beauté | Bellezza | красота | Humano | человек | 人間 | Humain | Human | Personnes | 人々 | People | люди | 顔 | Faces | лица | Visages | Facce |

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I love how this portrait is taken as you can see such a happy emotion on the girls face. Although it was probably staged I like how this photo seems to be a spur of the moment shot.

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Is Frank Ocean Dating Model Willy Cartier and Why Do You Care? (Is It Because You're Jealous?)

Willy Cartier #beautiful #man

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Beautiful people. Oh my gosh. They're are so adorable. Oh gosh.

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The Eyes of Children around the World India © Brett Cole

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Mongolia, Nomad tribal people

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