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Placement Calls – Questions to Ask

Foster Care Placement Call Question List - Becoming a Foster Parent blog

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The Beauty and Brokenness of Foster Care

Everything…everything about foster care is equal parts good and bad, joy and sorrow, beauty and brokenness. Read more at:

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Setting up a Bedroom for a Child in Foster Care

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If Foster Care is Hard, You’re Probably Doing it Right

If you're doing foster care right, it may be the hardest thing you'll ever do. It isn't easy, the days are long but the smiles are worth it.

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Young, Single, And Adopting: What to do the FIRST night! - hate the idea of checking for bugs/lice but it's a good idea and there are good & tactful ways to do this step discussed in the article. Make sure kids know they're safe. Show them you locking doors/windows etc. Ask about a light at night. I like to call them "mini lamps". Makes kids feel less childish and self conscious about using them.

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Preparing A Bedroom for Foster Care (Part 1)

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Working Parents and Foster Care - Can I Be a Foster Parent and Still Work Outside the Home? #fostermom #fostercare #WOHM #workingmom

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What I Wish We Had Known Before We Started Fostering

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Another perspective to the "I could never do this" response to #FosterCare.

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Foster Care Record Keeping Printable Worksheets

Foster Care Record Keeping with Printable Worksheets

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