It's ford lover till the day I die

It's ford lover till the day I die, and aint no one goin' to tell me other wise!

my brother John taught me "life's most important lesson--be tough"

Born and raised tough. like a ford. All my Daddy drives are Fords :) ~ SSJ

Can't wait to get my pink lights and emblem! My truck is already amazing but its gonna look so cute!

What Type Of Country Gal Are You?

What Type Of Country Gal Are You? Cute & Country Your family, friends, and pride comes first. You can go from mascara and dresses to mud and boots in 5 seconds flat. Your not afraid to get down and dirty but you love to look cute and frilly!

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answer better be Ford!! but i can also deal with Chevy but if u say Dodge you are disowned, shunned, and banned from me.

He better answer with a Chevy;) ford i would compromise with.Dodge is a big no no!

2015 Ford Mustang with pink chrome racing stripes!

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