"Winter Magic" The Frost Fairies taken from "Fantasia," 1940,

Silver K Gallery - Disney Limited Editions. "Winter Magic" The Frost Fairies From Fantasia

Day 16 ~ Favorite Classic ~ Fantasia {It's so whimsical and I love how they incorporated the music. I count about the first 10 movies as "classics"}

Fantasia (1940)

HEAVEN! Walt Disney's 1940 classic Fantasia.. Pastoral Symphony

For the smaller kids, another boat ride would take you through scenes from Disney’s “Fantasia,” passing by a Pegasus and other mythical creatures. This of course would be cashing in on the overwhelming popularity of Fantasia with younger children.


10 Classic Films Your Kids Must Watch

Disney FANTASIA-Live in Concert - On Tour, featuring scenes from two classic Disney animated feature films, "FANTASIA" & "FANTASIA will be presented live-in-concert by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ted Sperling.