Lucy Wie SÜß

Like alot! I just want all Fairy Tail members to reunite like now! :'( Seeing how she's lost her home, family and most importantly Natsu is really killing me :( <<< I read the manga because I couldn't wait for the anime

awesome Stars by rojeru.deviantart... on @DeviantArt...

Stars by rojeru.deviantart... on @DeviantArt

Anime Water Fairy Princess Realm of Elves_Pixies Fairies

Lucy Heartfilia by on @DeviantArt

Lucy Heartfilia by GruviaPon

Lucy - Dragon Cry

Lucy - Dragon Cry

Question- Why does she wear stuff like THIS into battle? I mean, I really love the outfit and all, but seriously, A MINISKIRT?!?! Well, I guess that's anime for ya.

Lucy Heartfilia cosplay idea outfit white scarf at back)

- Fairy Tail - Lucy

Lucy Heartfillia "my beautiful star"

Lucy Heartfilia- Fairy Tale - Planning to debut this cosplay for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012!

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia (ルーシィ・ハートフィリア Rūshi Hātofiria) is a Celestial Spirit Mage, a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and of Team Natsu. She is the main female protagonist of the series. One of my favorite anime characters.

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DESTROY THE MOON?!!! Fairy Tail strongest team …

Fairy Tail strongest team << where's Wendy?

Andere Mädchen die so auf gedreht  sind und nicht zu Ruhe kommen finde ich komisch  warum fragst du ich verstehe nicht warum sie lachen können  ohne schmerzen zu zeigen

You're Warm (Fairy Tail)

Lucy of Fairytale

Lucy is so pretty! I feel like I can really relate to her. Fairy Tail Lucy. Thank you to the creator!

Thank you to the creator!>>>this is an awesome drawing

Lucy from Fairy Tail || anime girl

Fairy tail Lucy and little sister Michelle

Reach for the stars and one day you will touch them ~ I relate to Lucy more than anyone else

Reach for the stars and one day you will touch them ~ I relate to Lucy so much it's not even funny

Lucy in her Aquarius stardress their's just too sad for me :c

Lucy in Her Aquarius Stardress. My Second favorite Characters

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Lucy, Wendy, Erza, Juvia, Cana and Mavis📍

I wouldn't EVER make Lucy cry... Natsu won't stand for it. He'll kill you, and THEN he'll go to work on you.

I fell sorry for the person who made Lucy cry.P villain who made Lucy cry cause of death: Natsu

#anime #animegirl #ecchi

#anime #animegirl #ecchi