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XnShape od vývojáře pierre gougelet Zahrajeme si na experimentální umělce - vytvoříme nový směr i jeho název. Stačí vhodná fotografie a trochu fantazie.
Toca Nature od vývojáře Toca Boca AB
Check out Co.Map – a concept mapping program. Co.Map lets you draw concept maps in various colors. It supports nodes and connections, and is collabrified. Co.Map is an easy to learn, easy to use, collaborative concept mapping app. Kids absolutely love Co.Map!! Stay tuned for more apps from the Intergalactic Mobile Learning Center at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Please contact Elliot Soloway at soloway@umich.edu if you are interested in using Co.Map in your classroom.
Co.KWL supports learners using the instructional strategy of KWL charting. But the “Co” brings collaborative learning to KWL charting! Students using Co.KWL can build a KWL chart together, working synchronously either on the same chart (K, W, L) or working on a different chart. 2, 3, 4 – as many students as you want can work collaboratively to build a KWL chart using Co.KWL. Please contact Elliot Soloway at soloway@umich.edu if you are interested in using Co.KWL in your classroom.
Download IPA / APK of Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing for Free - http://ipapkfree.download/7651/
Quandary - As the Captain of a new human settlement on Planet Braxos, shape the future of a new civilization while developing ethical reasoning skills. Quandary, the award-winning learning game, has landed on your mobile device!  Players find themselves immersed in a rich science-fiction narrative with a diverse set of characters and differing perspectives. When confronted by conflict, you must explore the many facts, solutions, and opinions to come up with solutions on the colony's behalf.
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Francis I - History od vývojáře Quelle Histoire Francouzská historie nás také zajímá - metoda CLIL vítána.
Caterpillar unit, easy educational craft http://www.mpmschoolsupplies.com/ideas/3089/easter-craftivity-the-life-cycle-of-a-butterfly/

Easter Craftivity - The Life Cycle of a Butterfly