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Emily Deschanel in Fox's Winter All-Star Party

"I love when Emily wears her hair up cause she's just so pretty."-David Boreanaz

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Bones has a flawless completion. Beautiful.

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David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. seriously like the best tv duo... ever! @Janine Anger @Maura Igo

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the deschanel sisters

Emily and Zooey Deschanel

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Emily Deschanel-one of my absolute favorites

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Older siblings are awesome.

That's hilarious! And must be a trait of older sisters......(ie chuckie in our backyard, nail polish blood, etch)

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Not actually that perfect…

funny-Emily-Deschanel-Temperance-Bones I kind of love this. Odd as it is.

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"Bones" Press Conference

Emily Deschanel at the 'Bones' press conference at Four Seasons Hotel...

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