@Elise Dupuis this kinda makes me think of Isabella, what do you think??

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Emilie de Ravin. Sprouted a super crush on this one when I saw Santa's Slay my first year in Florida.

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Emilie de Ravin. or Claire Littleton. shes so pretty. #Australia #celebrities #EmiliedeRavin Australian celebrity Emilie de Ravin loves http://www.kangabulletin.com

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(1) emilie de ravin | Tumblr

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If Abramsverse needed an Edith Keeler, I think, maybe, Emilie De Ravin, would be an idea... She has had dark hair, like Joan Collins

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Emilie De Ravin from the TV Show "Once Upon A Time".

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Belle from Once Upon a Time... I can NOT express how much I love this picture!!

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Emilie de Ravin as my favorite princess, Belle

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She's listed on the PYW website as a Clear Spring, so I'm adding her to my reference board.

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emilie de ravin #Australia #celebrities #EmiliedeRavin Australian celebrity…

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