The Athenaeum - Elizabeth Woodville, Wife of Edward IV (Thomas Hudson - )

Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of Edward IV, Queen's College Cambridge, Portrait.

Elizabeth Woodville Queen of Edward IV, mother of Elizabeth of York, and maternal grandmother of Henry VII close to end of war of the roses, mother of the 2 princes in the tower

Elizabeth Woodville - – Queen consort of King Edward IV during the Wars of the Roses; mother of Elizabeth of York (who became the Queen Consort of King Henry VII, the first Tudor queen and mother of Henry VIII); and mother of the 2 Princes in the Tower.

Tomb of Elizabeth Woodville - British monarch, Queen consort of King Edward IV. at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire, UK

Tomb of Elizabeth Woodville - British monarch, Queen consort of King Edward IV. George's Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire, UK - The White Queen

"The White Queen" (Elizabeth Woodville played by Rebecca Ferguson) | Eisen…

Queen Elizabeth / Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson) 'The White Queen' Costume designed by Nic Ede.

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Rebecca Ferguson pictures from The White Queen. In The White Queen on Starz, Australian actress Rebecca Ferguson plays Elizabeth Woodville.

Edward and Richard were the young children of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville in the 15th century. Edward V stood to take the throne but both princes were considered illegitimate after an Act from Parliament saying Edward IV and Elizabeth's marriage was invalid and Richard III took the throne in his nephew's place. Both boys were never seen again after 1483. Years later, small skeletons were found underneath the stairs of the chapel in the White Tower, the main keep of the Tower of London.

What Really Happened to the Princes in the Tower?

One of two surviving crowns of this period. This belonged to Princess Margaret, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.

Crown of Princess Margaret of York, sister of Edward IV & wife of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. One of 2 English crown that survive from the medieval period. Via Irish Archaeology FB