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Ancient Egyptian Art on Egyptian Papyrus. Unique Handmade Art For Sale at | Title: "Eye of Ra" | Size: 12" x 16" |

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For the Love of Art. For sixth grade social studies.

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Nefertari Presenting the Offering 1314-1200 B.C. Egyptian Art Mural painting Valley of the Kings, Thebes, EgyptPallas Athena via Nancy Shogren.

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Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages

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25 Pics Prove That Cats Are Slowly Evolving Into Humans

25 Pics Prove That Cats Are Slowly Evolving Into Humans

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Fighting Unenlagias in Late Cretaceous Argentina by Kana-hebi on DeviantArt

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super snaps: Mountain Goats, Glacier National Park, Montana

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Artsonia School » Cedar Creek Elementary » Meet the Teachers!

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Draw Like An Egyptian - instead of acrylic, I would use powdered coffee mixed with water - gives great color in varied mixtures dark to light.

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Much of the Poitou donkey’s early history is lost in time. Their name comes from the Poitou region of France, where the Roman empire introduced them. The breed was itself created to further breed especially strong mules for labor. Mules being a hybrid of male donkeys and female horses, Poitou donkeys were bred alongside and with Mulassier horses for their particular mule offspring. Their exact breeding history is lost, but Poitou breeding guidelines were well established by the 18th century.

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