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Gannicus# Dustin Clare

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Gannicus: Rebel with a cause, noble warrior who would never give up and reluctant leader who, in the end, was indeed loyal to Spartacus and the cause of freedom.

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Dustin Clare (Gannicus; Spartacus) to see this face everyday he's so hot

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Dustin Clare - hottest cowboy in the history of mankind. If only dreams came true

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Dustin Clare. He is, Of Course, Gannicus from Spartacus.

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Marcus , Riley and Patrick behind the scenes McLeods Daughters / Matt Passmore, Dustin Clare, Luke Jacobs

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Gannicus from Spartacus: Vengence (Dustin Clare)

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Dustin Clare...AKA Gannicus on Spartacus. Oh my. THAT SMILE!!! He moves like a beyond BEAUTIFUL...and....I'm sorry what?

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Dustin Clare (Gannicus)

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Dustin Clare in black.He plays Gannicus in Sparticus

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