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Hi everybody! I'm dove Cameron, 15 and single! I'm an actress, singer and fashion designer. I'm goofy and nerdy, and looking for someone who will make me laugh till my stomach starts hurting!

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dove cameron kayla cloud 9 - Pesquisa Google

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☀️☀️☀️I love your Dove cameron❤️My name is Elizabeth my last part of my name is Beth I am 21 year old my advice to girls out there is not be a afraid to try something new wether it's want to do acting or singing follow your heart and don't let people tell you that you can't do it .Don't fill scared to put your self out of your comfort zone try your hand at acting school just I want to try my hand at acting school ever give up on your dreams don't let people tell your can't do it you can…

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Dove Cameron Bello Magazine

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¿Qué le pasa? Preocupa la delgadez extrema de Dove Cameron y sus fans están…

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Dove trägt ein lässiges Sommeroutfit und auch hier macht eine Jeansjacke den Look komplett.

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(Dove Cameron) Hi! I'm Kara Corey! I'm 18, single, and a famous singer, actress, and songwriter. I'm really tall, slender, and elegant. I'm sweet, sassy, kind, loyal, brave, fierce, honest, humble, talkative, protective, and have trouble letting myself get close to others. I love animals, and I have several pets.

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Dove Cameron Tiger Beat Magazine

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hey im dove. peyton is my brother. im 16 and single. i love to sing and hang out with friends

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