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Just in case we forget the words after being stuck in the finale for 25 minutes!!!

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The Ultimate Disney BFF Playlist

Disney songs are known for their catchy beats, impressive lyrics, and Broadway-style choruses. They're fun to sing alone, but they're even better when sung with your best friends.

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Flute Sheet Music: Part Of Your World

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Feel the Love Tonight With This Romantic Disney Playlist

I've been saying that I would play "If I Never Knew You" at my wedding since I was like, 14. It's just the most beautiful song, with and without words.

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Which Disney Philosophy Do You Live By?

Is your life's philosophy "Always let your conscience be your guide" or are you "mad, bonkers, off your head!" ?

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The Most Romantic Disney Songs

Which Disney song do you think is the most romantic?

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33 Disney Crafts, Ideas, & Recipes

Disney movies give me the best nostalgia. They make me so happy, I become sad and miss the simplicity of being a child.

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I may not sing well, but karaoke is all about singing bad together. Might as well be Disney songs.

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Disney Songs to Study To

Disney Songs to Study To - Disney Blogs I still think I would be singing along instead of studying

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Bridal Shower Game - Disney Love Songs

Disney Song Bridal Shower Game!

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