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Don’t Consume It More Than 4 Days: This Mixture Will Help You Lose 4 KG And 16 CM Waist In Just 4 Days – Recipe

This skinny thigh workout targets your leg muscles and burn tons of calories. Get your legs pumping with these 5 moves to lose thigh fat!

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Ditch your boring sandwich or salad. Try a healthy lunch bowl that is filling, balanced, and nutritious instead.

It makes me happy that I actually like so many of these foods!

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I told myself I could eat for the past few days but I shouldn't have because I can't afford that and I don't want to eat again

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You may call this illness ‘self control’ you may call this illness ‘willpower’ but you are so wrong. Don't wish for an eating disorder- An eating disorder won’t make you ‘feel good’ about yourself, it will make you hate your very existence. It won’t make you ‘skinny for summer’ it will destroy your whole life. All of you deluded ‘pro-anas’ and thinspo admirers’ can get a life, because this isn’t a ‘diet’- This certainly is NOT a lifestyle choice, this isn’t even a life. This is a torturous…

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It´s only in my hand

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Edit : Nowadays I follow every single one of these rules, and I've lost 12 pounds in one month. Yeah, not even kidding you.

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This interest and revelation in the experience of someone who has an eating disorder seems to be a part of our culture. There is a twisted sense of coveting or longing for the “success” of having the commitment to participate in eating disordered behaviors and to emulate those who “triumphantly” achieve the status of this mental disorder. In reality, eating disorders are deadly mental illnesses. The torturous experiences are reminiscent of demonic voices that plague and inhabit one’s mind.

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