This is adorable as I'll get out, but how I wish I was Shemar in these situations!

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Are you as smart like Dr. Spencer Reid, sporty like Derek Morgan, or good with computers, just like Penelope Garcia? Find out in this personality quiz!

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"Every man should talk to his girl like Derek Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia."

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Because um…this. | 25 Reasons To Love Derek Morgan From "Criminal Minds" @143cnm DRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!

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Derek Morgan. Hot damn!!! I love him!

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Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds. Yes, I know this is just an actor portraying a fictional character, but it's my board so just be quiet and let me look at him.

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Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia's phone calls! Criminal Minds

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Morgan and Penelope are definitely relationship goals even though they aren't even together

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Criminal Minds ~ Awesome Cast. I'm watching Criminal Minds from the beginning and although I love every moment of Morgan and Garcia's relationship this is so far one of my favorite moments of them.

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I love my criminal minds cast members haha!

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