Denise Richards is atomic physicist Dr. Christmas Jones in the 1999 film "The World Is Not Enough."

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Denise Richards #poster, #mousepad, #tshirt, #celebposter

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Denise Richards /lnemnyi/lilllyy66/ Find more inspiration here:

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heart 7 Denise Richards Hairstyle : World Hair Styles

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Top 10 Ex-Girlfriends and Lovers of Paul Walker

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Who made Denise Richards black and purple sandals that she wore in New York?

Denise Richards Her hair looks great!!!

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Cassie, Friends...(Denise Richards) I freaking love her hair

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This length hair is absolutely incredible. Denise Richards hair is straight with very long bangs that come down at one side of the face. This celebrity looks great with this conservative style.Denise's haircut is very long.This blonde hair colouring simply shines.

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