Delta tattoo

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Upper arrow (hat) means progress, moving forward; open delta means openness to change.
Tiny Delta Tattoo - Open for Change
Delta, the Greek symbol for #change
I want this exact placement and tattoo. The triangle's three sides will represent the unity of my two sisters and I.
(White ink) Jeremiah 29:11 + broken delta tattoo = because of God's promise of a hope and a future, I am open to change.
Explore. Challenge. Open to change. Transcend. Tattoo
Small tattoos (:
5 signs in one tattoo -  1. From the bottom to top - the arrowhead is an open delta which depicts 'oppenness to accept everything', above that is a cap which means 'moving forward', then there is this shape which is a Viking symbol which means 'where there is a will there is a way', then the upper arrowhead is the symbol that stands for Earth, and the two arrows mean 'when life pulls you back, it pushes you further than before'
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Delta. Mathematical sign for change. This would also represent my years in school, and as I am a bit of a math nerd..
Stay open to change and keep moving forward. Small tatt with a big meaning. #tattoos #delta #small tatts
Delta triangle tattoo. The triangle is the greek letter for change and the gap represents open to change!  I like it because without change we'd still be cavemen.
“Do something that not everyone has the courage to do, that makes you a strong person. And by following your dreams and dare to take chances, you will find the key to happiness."
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