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Darth Vader.... He's just so masculine and scary! I don't like him! I wouldn't buy his products! Maybe the light sabre just to poke people with but that's as far as I'd go! ;)

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Darth Vader... Lord of the Sith More Mehr

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Best Rpgue One scene, from my point of view. Gosh, Vader's so cool.

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I would actually have darth Vader kill my barbies...

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DARTH VADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Darth Vader More

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TheRetroInc on Etsy

Darth Vader cybernetics info guide Mehr

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Star Wars - Darth Vader Minimalist Art Print

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Star Wars: Darth Vader by Aleksi Briclot * Más

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anakin luke skywalker art - Google Search

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