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Dark Phoenix (digitally colored) "From the ashes, she'll rise again!" This full color interpretation of Dark Phoenix is drawn by artist Franck Uzan (FUZart) and amazingly digitally colored by Splash Colors. Witness this legendary Marvel character and one of the most beloved X-men female character ever "unleashing the Phoenix power" in this full color glory classic shot. Dark Phoenix was created in 1980 as the third alteration of Marvel Girl/Phoenix during the "Dark Phoenix Saga".The image is…

Dark Phoenix - Original Fan Art Color Print and Poster (unofficial) - WORLDWIDE

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The Top Ten Beautiful Women of Comics - Jean Grey - Phoenix

The Top Ten Beautiful Women of Comics

My new wallpaper from the X-Men comicbook series Phoenix Endsong which is composed of 5 comics. It's so angsty and sad,. X-Men Phoenix Endsong

Phoenix Colored by *RichBernatovech on deviantART

The first time Jean Grey was cool. Phoenix Colored by *RichBernatovech on deviantART

Dark Phoenix - Garrie Gastonny & Elfandiary

Phoenix (Jean Grey) by Garrie Gastonny & Elfandiary, in Yann S's Comics sketches / commissions Comic Art Gallery Room

Jean Grey (Phoenix / Dark Phoenix) and Wolverine

Coitos voladores y sexo entre superhéroes

Jean Grey and Wolverine in 'X-Men Forever' Annual drawn by Sana Takeda.