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I love him so, so, so, so much. He is so wonderful and sweet and kind. He doesn't complain. He isn't bitter. He's lovely. Sweet. Kind. Philip Michael Lester is amazing. He's done so much for everyone and I wish he can always see himself the way I do. Because I see him as a hero. He's saved my and so many more lives. Thank you Phil #AmazingPhilisAmazing ~SprinkleofPhandom!

Dude that looked like a different person omg but Phil in glasses is still like

Dan and Phil in Australia!!<< Phil looks so cute with a koala!


Phil is a precious little cinnamon roll too sweet and pure for this world


But guys, this means dan wont get money from his previous videos, bc he swears a lot, I kinda feel bad. Hes gonna have to make a lot more videos now ><


aw but can you imagine phil coming to ask dan something and then realizing he was asleep and then giggling and taking a photo because i can


tbh, my eyes are blue/grey/green and they change colour too. they're not as bright as phil's though