Ian Somerhalder :) mmm....eyes.

Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries, Ian somerhalder, Ian somerhalder, see no one can resist a man in a tie

Damon quotes...que romantico!

I think every guy should take a page out of the Damon Salvatore handbook. I can't read this without wishing I could marry Damon!


hi im Damon Salvatore I am 19 I have a younger brother and a younger sister named destiny I know scott and peter well they are my cousins. im full vampire so come by and say hI I don't bite.

Al o da senin olsun! Proof Ian Somerhalder's are real * yeah, hard to believe especially since they change as they reflect various lighting. So much depth!

Damon Salvatore❤ #thevampiresdiaries #l4l #f4f #aesthetic  Ps; Follow @multit.vd in instagram♥

Damon Salvatore❤ #thevampiresdiaries #l4l #f4f #aesthetic Ps; Follow @multit.vd in instagram♥