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Damon Salvatore. This look <3 The beginning of a pivotal moment in the episode. What I'd give to have him look at me that way

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This smile… seriously… there’s nothing better in... - Damon Freaking Salvatore

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Damon Salvatore | Ian Somerhalder | The Vampire Diaries

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Damon Salvatore love quotes - Boys: take a leaf out of his book. #thevampirediaries

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He really has that smirk down. MMMMMH. Why I let my boyfriend force me to watch this show. JOKE'S ON HIM.

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he followed me on

Vampiro Más

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17 Hot Damon Salvatore Quotes That'll Ruin Real-Life Romance for You


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The Damon face. Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries ♥

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#TVD The Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore

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Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries

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