I'm sure he'll fall for this one.

Daleks in under 30 minutes

dalek pizza delivery Doctor Who<<I would prolly fall for this. Even if I realize it's a trap I'd still be like "PIZZA!

Nice try, Dalek!  #DoctorWho                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Except the Doctor has been apprehensive about Christmas Trees since that one time they tried to kill him and Rose while he was regenerating.

~ Meaning of Dalek colours ... Sadly incorrect, the colours are actually as follows. Supreme Dalek: White.  Eternal Dalek: Yellow Strategist Dalek: Blue Scientist Dalek: Orange Drone Dalek: Red

Meaning of Dalek colours - am I the only one who sees the Ravenclaw house colors in the Scientist dalek?

I dont even watch doctor who and I was sitting there staring at it like "why is there a Dalek in the pic?" Then I read the caption and I was like "oh...."

This is a temporary tower made entirely of water

It's a Dalek. No, it's a shower. It's a friggen Dalek on the sign. It looks exactly like a Dalek. I refuse to see it as a shower sign.

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Join The Dalek War Effort!

Francesco Francavilla was so inspired by the World War 2 Daleks in last night's episode of Doctor Who that he made this wartime morale-boosting poster. Victory through extermination! [Francesco Francavilla via Super Punch]

how to build a dalek out of legos. not saying i'm gonna need this, but i'm gonna need this.

Daleks of the Day: Lego Dalek Instructions Time to take apart my little brother's LEGO sets!

Dalek Evolution 4) Dead Planet by Librarian-bot.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Centuries pass and the Dalek race expands beneath Skaro& ravaged surface. The Kaled Elite& fortified Bunker becomes the heart of a vast labyrinth of tunnels and metal caverns. In time, the Dalek .

Spectacular cover of the German edition of Doctor Who: Dalek Invasion of Earth novel. Much more exciting than the UK/Australian edition in my opinion. Painted in 1975 by David Hardy.

David Hardy artist - This image showing Westminster and the invaders was created for Dr Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth by Terrance Dicks.

sassy Daleks

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Sassy salt shaker of doom. Good description of a Dalek. Sassy salt shaker of doom wielding a whisk and a plunger is better.

doctor who | dalek exterminate mac keyboard decal

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