Did you know there are over 900 different breeds of cows?  Thats a lot of breeds.  Early on in my illustrating process, I knew I had to decide which breed my character should be.  It took some rese...

Breeds of Dairy Cows

Milk cow breed chart - These cattle have much different faces than beef cattle.more long and slender. They are more bony in their hip area.

Ode to a Cow. A lot of our business is Ode to beef and dairy cattle and the hardworking farms that own them.  http://cri.crinet.com/

Almanac Wooden Sign - Ode to a Cow

Almanac Wooden Sign - Ode to a Cow This poem was originally printed in The 1936 Old Farmer's Almanac. Its inspirational advice is still relevant for today's busy lifestyles.

Use Body Condition Scoring to assess your dairy or beef cattle's nutritional status and needs.

Assess the nutritional status and needs of your beef or dairy cattle with body condition scoring to better communicate that information to your vet.

Family of Farmers: Real Farmwives Discuss: Differences Between Dairy Cows and Beef Cows

By Real Farmwives Ginny from Gin and Juicy Juice and Liz from Two Maids a Milking Markings and Spots Ginny – Beef cows can come .

Charts for Welfare Assessment of Holstein Dairy Cows for Body Condition, Lameness, Cow Cleanliness, and Hock Injuries

Body Condition Scoring 4 point scale in quarter increments, where its ideal for dam to calve in with a BCS of

Miniature Dairy Cattle Breeds

Miniature Milk Cow

Jersey Cow :- Jersey cow is a small breed of dairy cattle. Its weight about 450 Kg on average making them the smallest dairy breed in size.

Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle in West-Friesland

Holstein-Friesian is a breed of large dairy cattle originating in northern Holland and Friesland. These cattle are believed to have been selected for dairy q.

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Country Brown & Green - Meet the Brown Swiss cow! Many dairy historians consider the breed to be the oldest of all the dairy breeds.

Feeding Dairy Cattle  6 Step By Step Guide On How To Start Feeding Dairy Cattle In A Small Farm

Feeding Dairy Cattle 6 Step By Step Guide On How To Start Feeding Dairy Cattle In A Small Farm