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A Positive Discipline solution about what to do when your child is being disrespectful and back talks.
I'm pinning this so I have it for later. It's a chart where the mom gets to choose the severity of the punishment and the kid gets to choose how to get there... Love it!
Positive Discipline: 10 Tactics That Work (Spanking Not Included)
Love these tips -  so helpful! Ten skills  I'm definitely teaching my kid today. They're so cute, I'm even hanging them on fridge!
Toy Time-Out!  Brilliant!  Download this free printable too!  I love this direction of parenting, with child discipline! http://fantabulosity.com

Toy Time Out - A Positive Parenting Tip for Toddlers

5 Best Ways To Handle Bad Behaviour + Infographic #infographic #discipline #parenting

5 Best Ways To Handle Bad Behaviour + Infographic

Ok this is seriously the best thing I've seen! I'm totally doing this when my…
dealing with defiant or stubborn children infographic
Discipline ideas that are often more effective than spanking--and that make the "punishment" fit the "crime"

10 Ways to Discipline Your Child without Spanking

Here are 25 things the Bible says about raising children, discipline, and parenting. The classic parenting verses are here, as well as a few unusual (not-often-quoted) portions that include direction and insight about how God sees children, parenting, and discipline. One of the things I considered as I read through these verses is that a lot of modern controversy centers on… Read more 25 Things The Bible Says About Parenting