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But seriously, can you imagine if this was canon, and the first time they kissed was this, and this was how they became canon?---YAAAS DESTIEL FTW <<< did the op paraphrase a line from Toradora?

elvishness:  height difference is my weakness…i may have exaggerated it a little bit ๑´ㅂ`๑)

elvishness: “ height difference is my weakness…i may have exaggerated it a little bit ๑´ㅂ`๑) ”

Try and tell me that homosexuality isn't natural!!! <<< lions should be homosexuality's mascot!>>> OMG YES!!! Aww that is too cute. Gay Pride!

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I just researched this, and apparently these weren't gay lions, BUT male lions do form pairs to survive together and share affection and companionship, which is still sweet.

awwwww isn't that soooo cute!? I love gay couples

but honestly Haikyuu! oikawa tooru iwaizumi hajime and i was just like this was in my head IwaOi fuck it im drawing this mars stuff im about that Cant Draw Hands life

Blind Lance AU<< oh this has my heart aching -- also, according to @ Jerra Allen, this is based off the netflix movie "The Way He Looks" :-]

Blind Lance AU<< oh this breaks my heart<<< this is hilarious. "Hey Lance did you see that?" Sounds like a avatar line twords toph befong. It’s based on a Brazilian movie called The way he sees me(?) it’s a great movie

— ponytail keith & his cute boyfriend (who just wants to see his pretty freckles)

— ponytail keith & his cute boyfriend *cough cough* Lance *cough cough*


” ahhh kinda busy today but Happy Valentines day! lance likes to make things subtle but keith aint having any of thaT

Omg I want to be that parent who raises a young man who isn’t afraid of being emotional and close to his friends yet still confident in his own sexuality- because he wasn’t forced to conform to any preexisting sexuality

That's love bitch. I love a cup of fresh platonic romance (moiral), in the morning!

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I'm pretty sure this is the cutest thing I have ever seen