Lace shawl blue - free pattern!

Lace shawl blue - free pattern ~ beautiful, but what is that in her hair? Lots of other pretty patterns on this site. Southeast Asian with charts.

Irish Lace Crochet Afghan Pattern

Free Pattern Friday: Irish Lace Afghan from Yarnspirations

Sometimes the easiest way to spruce up a room is to add a well-placed accent piece. Something simple like a crochet afghan can make all the difference in the world when displayed on a chair or couch i

Irish Crochet Tutorial for Beginners | Crochet Thread

Irish Crochet Tutorial for Beginners

How to Irish Crochet by Ann Reillet Irish crochet is about texture and artistry. The intricate motifs and picot netting create an illusion of flowers caught in a spider’s web. At its finest, …

Crochet lace dress

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Irish Crochet Together: Antique Pattern Index  Links to the Antique Pattern Library, PDFs of lots of antique pattern books. Heaven!

in progress. The Antique Pattern Library has a huge catalog of antique, out-of-print patterns for every type of needlework.