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behind the small creamy mask was a heart shape face with wide bluiging eyes the color of sky blue.the girls hair was sooty black and quite unkmept.her lips were garent red and paitned from ear to ear.

CREEPY DOLL but beautiful-would be a gorgeous makeup

Twixie's Wishbone

Annie Montgomerie Lamb ooak doll (please follow minkshmink on pinterest) There is something both creepy and awesome about this doll! ~tm

A unique brooding face for a soll. 'Something to hold on to' by AnnieMontgomerie

Heads above the rest!

a booth at trade days in fredericksburg texas is filled with rotting baby doll heads.

Custom Wednesday Addams Blythe Doll

What Is a Ball Jointed Doll

Creepy Cool Doll - Custom Blythe Doll Wednesday Addams Inspired w/Jack Skellington Doll