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Connor Frant- Common Culture Mug

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literally my favorite picture of connor❤️

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//guess who's back, back again\\ ::FC Connor Franta:: "Hey, I'm Adrian. I'm 17 and I'm single. I love kitties and skateboarding. I'm outgoing I guess, I don't have many friends since I just moved here but, yeah. It's probably gonna take me a while to get in the swing of things. Say hi!" //omg I'm so excited to rp again\\

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Connor image :)♡

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con on


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connor- "i got balloons." i chuckle, "someone wanna hang?"

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con on

Connor Franta

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Community Post: We Know How Addicted You Are To Social Media Based On One Question

connor is so adorable omg More

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youtuber quotes - Google Search

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