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Coldplay. Their concert was amazing, and I love their music! The songs they sing, and how they sing it reflects life perfectly.(see u when I see u ;)

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Welcome, b*tches..

Why is the picture Violet Hill and Violet Hill not on this list lol besides that…

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Where to Shop in Milan

Coldplay - Fix You. More

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The 42 day Coldplay challenge, Day 15: favourite Coldplay picture ~ I love Chris' expression and this quote. Really makes me feel good about myself when I see it. Chris is such an amazing guy. He heals so many people and doesn't even know about it.

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YES!! How can you not like them? Amazing music, deep and meaningful lyrics, lovely members...what's not to like?

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Chris ❤ I love his creativity

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Check out the official video of the track Up&Up by Coldplay

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Coldplay Thanks for the 4 candles this morning so sweet. Love T No worries your safe I promise.

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