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Draft horse - Clydesdale Horse For my horse team... Someday.

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Donegal Dr. Pepper - Clydesdale- Show Horse Gallery, A Different Horse is Featured Every Day

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Oh, that's cute!! Braided Clydesdale feathers.

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Name: Buddy I'm here to protect my love of my life spitfire, If you even dear get near her scar, all fight you, and all make sure you won't leave alive like you did last time and time again,

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"Arclid Landmark" from Hare Hill Shire & Clydesdale. An unusually colored Clydesdale stallion. Most people are used to seeing bays, but they also come in black and some other colors.

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Trianer for the Bud Clydesdale commercial: Tommie Turvey is a self-described horse trainer, equine entertainer and stuntman.

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(Clydesdale Horse~Beautiful) * * HE KNOWS IT,TOO!

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Ugh.... Clydesdales More

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A Clydesdale running in some powdery snow. A great day photographing horses in the mountains of Montana. I imagine that he's on a Budweiser run! :-)

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My absolute favorite breed of horse, the Clydesdale! My dream would be to own one.

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Clydesdale Horse | Clydesdale horses of beauty

Top 20 Most Beautiful Horses In The World

Clydesdale Horse

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AnnaGrace: This is how the boys sleep every night:) Its so cute.

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Fact: Horse people only watch the Super Bowl to see the new Clydesdale commercial. | Super Bowl Ecard

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Clydesdale - I am completely fascinated by these horses.

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