Circa Survive - "I Felt Free"

Circa Survive - "I Felt Free"

1337tattoos — “You always have a safe place here”  Safe Camp...

“You always have a safe place here” Safe Camp symbol representing my love for Circa Survive 🌺🎶 submitted by Amelia

Circa Survive logo tattoo by Bryan Gutierrez

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Anthony Green - Circa Survive

(Anthony♥Green - Circa Survive) amazing singer, composer, and can fucking sing a great live show and rock a fucking crowd ! I am a true fan of his and forever will be. ♥ Thanks for your music.

Circa survive / esao Andrews

Started this sleeve 4 years ago with the top piece and worked my way down. Original artwork by talented . Make sure to check him out. Thanks for the persistence

The more you keep it away from the world the more fragile it'll be when it's expose- Tran Long

you keep it on the inside cause that's the safest place to hide. it's the only thing keeping me from getting hurt again.