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Spring Turkey Hunting Guide
Since its Turkey Season    Click the graphic for more!
Check Out This Handy Infographic on Different Types of Turkey Calls
Before Shooting a Turkey - Be sure you know when and where to shoot a turkey, and with which gun. In this article, we discuss distance concerns, how to prevent a mere wound, and how to take aim with a bow.
Every single time! Thank you to Facebook fan Melissa Burns for the original photo! #huntinghumor #huntingmeme #turkeyhunting
Turkey beard mount / display burnt wood
Not usually into bird taxidermy, but this is kinda cool
Turkey Scouting 101 — Mastering the Basics for Success
How To Preserve  A Turkey Fan For Mounting @Patty Markison Hall. Can also do this with pheasant tails also.
15 Turkey Vest Essentials (Checklist) // #BassProShops #1Source #Infographic #turkeyhunting