The 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. I really wish he had done more than one season. I really liked him. :)

Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor, with his TARDIS. Eccleston played the Doctor, in Season 1 of the modern Dr. Who television series Why couldn't he have been longer than 1 season

@Victoria Heinen  Dr. Who - Christopher Eccleston, 9th Doctor's last words (said to Rose) | Sweet and concieted a bit at the same time!!! | Right befor his regenrationt to the 10th Doctor, David Tennant (MacDonald)

Who. Christopher Eccleston, the Doctor's last words said to Rose. Sweet and conceited a bit at the same time! Right before his regenrationt to the Doctor, David Tennant.

Christopher Eccleston by Michael Clement (Oh, hello Doctor!) <3

Dr Who travels back to 441BC

Most people didn't start watching Doctor Who until it became "cool" with David Tennant. And I feel sorry for those people. My first Doctor was this guy. I was sad when he changed, not because I didn't like David, but because he was my first Doctor.

I really loved the Christopher Eccleston Doctor. I hope I'm not alone. < I feel the same way.  Not that I don't like Ten or Eleven but Nine will always be my Doctor.

I really loved the Christopher Eccleston Doctor. I hope I'm not alone << You definitely aren't alone. I totally loved the Ninth Doctor

9th Doctor, he probably would have been my favorite if he had lasted longer, a close second to 10

To Christopher Eccleston: thank you for introducing me to The Doctor. You were FANTASTIC. To the Ninth Doctor: I miss you already. Eccleston: Thank you for being the Doctor and being a part in the wonderful series!