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American Hero....RIP Chris

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Standing guard, yet again.... but we love him for it! <3 R.I.P. Seal Kyle Thank you for your service & protection

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American Hero Chris Kyle quote ❤ …

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Chris Kyle’s Death: The Real Story Behind American Sniper

Chris Kyle, NAVY Seal and American hero. They don't make them like him any more. Born in Odessa, Texas in 1974 and died February 2, 2013. Rest in peace and thank you for your service.

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devildoggraphix: “Two years ago today, America lost a great warrior and hero. RIP Chris Kyle. You will never be forgotten! "It was my duty to shoot the enemy, and I don’t regret it. My regrets are for...

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Chris Kyle

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It was before I was in high school. I think I was in 3rd grade actually. I was late to school that day cause I was watching the news.

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The "sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs" quote from American Sniper is one of my favorite quotes because of how it shows the mentality of the great American soldier and LEO.

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Real American's....not fictional.

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