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Camino de Santiago Packing List for Women

This Camino de Santiago packing list for women will give the adventurous pilgrim everything she needs to pack for the Camino.


Camino de Santiago FAQ's

All of your basic questions about walking the Camino de Santiago answered!


Which route should you take for the Camino de Santiago?

Which route should you take for the Camino de Santiago?: Camino de Santiago routes through Europe


The foods you must eat while hiking the #CaminodeSantiago in #Spain #travel


How cheap can you walk the Camino? Eight tips to save money on the Camino de Santiago.


El Camino de Santiago - Things I wish I knew before the walk

Walking the Way

“If you are tired, injured, or fall in love with a town or a person, you can stop.” Exploring on foot, he concluded, is “simultaneously the simplest and most intense way to see the world.” I often tell people that what I found on the Camino was a quiet place, a simple reminder of the way life could be. Some would say that is the same as finding God—something to hold on to when times are hard.

Esta lista es muy importante porque muestra que el camino es algo muy espiritual todavía para muchas personas. Mi "regla" favorita es "la práctica de ser incómodo" porque la raíz de la palabra peregrino es peregrini o "el extranjero."


20 truths about walking the Camino de Santiago

20 truths about walking the Camino de Santiago...ahhh this cracks me up. Ahhh yes many of the unspoken truths. Funny


You are ready to go have the adventure of a lifetime and walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain. You will discover some amazing things and I would advise trying to plan as little as possible leaving ... 10 things to know ...