Cute puppy. Burmese Mountain Dog... Too bad they are humongous when they grow up

Bernese Mountain pup my is melting! Now if only I can find this cute puppy in a pound to rescue! "I would love to rescue a Bernese Mountain puppy!

Burmese Mountain puppy...would you look at the size of those precious paws??? Just too adorable =)

My dream dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Sadly this breed is very short-lived compared to breeds of similar size. Bernese Mountain Dogs have a median longevity of years, where most other breeds of similar size have median longevities of 10 to 11 years.

Burmese Mountain Dog puppy. I LOVE THESE DOGS!!!                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Bernese Mountain Puppy I want it. I want it for my very own. To cuddle and love and be forever friends with. I picture this guy as your big baby!

Bernese Mountain Puppy -- one of the best breeds in the world.

Bernese Mountain Puppy - oh so cute! by chandra i'm pretty sure my little sambo is half bernese mountain dog.

Bernese mountain dog puppy

One of my dream dogs - Bernese Mountain Dog (others are Great Pyrenees and Malamute) SOMEDAY!

once Bishop is all grown up and ready for a friend, I want this guy...greater swiss mountain dog

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Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, SO cute!

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bernese mountain dogs are very friendly and perfect for families with small children.

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bernese mountain dogs are very friendly and perfect for families with small children. My old Dog-dog is living in borrowed time. I love him immensely and it will take a piece of my heart when he goes. Perhaps a Burmese Mountain Dog will fit my life next?