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They were supposed to be a hip hop group. But they be a cutie group

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Me :) When you compare my hand with my sister's hand (who is 3 years younger than me )

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MY HEARTTUUU OH MAN HOLY SHIT! I can't even with Yoongi or Jimin!!!

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V (Kim Taehyung) BTS / Bangtan Sonyeondan / Bangtan Boys (뷔 (김태형) 방탄소년단)

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BTS Shares Photos From Past Year For “BTS Festa 2016” Anniversary Celebrations

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Jungkook what are you. I wish I could just grab a fish out of the water just like that

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BTS| Jin tho, he's like BITCH DONT EAT IT ALL! lmao luv them ❤

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Omygosh Jungkook is seriously TOO MUCH in that second photo I want to ship him back to his parents XD

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bts0726: ““ © CREAM SODA | Do not edit. ” ”

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