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Haven't seen a lot of Brooke pics lately so here ya go :)

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Guys ;( Brooke followed me on my Instagram fan page today at 4:12 PM. But do you wanna know what else? SHE UNFOLLOWED JUST NOW :'( I'm literally crying! Brooke Hyland unfollowed me :( -KenzieQueen

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Brooke Marie Hyland just made a YouTube channel and I'm so happy for her and to see what she publishes next! I've been hoping that she'd make a YouTube ever since her sister tag with Paige! Brooke is beautiful and I can't believe that she's 17 already!❥

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Brooke<3 she is stunning in this winter photo<3

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Media Tweets by BROOKE HYLAND (@BrookeHyland1) | Twitter

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Media Tweets by BROOKE HYLAND (@BrookeHyland1) | Twitter

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Brooke Hyland

So here's Brooke hyland. She is very very talented at acro and really all types if dance. She is also so so so so so so sooooooo beautiful!!!!!! I love you Brookie

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Added by #hahah0ll13 (2016) Paige and Brooke Hyland

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This is Brooke and Paigy. Yeah..they r my best friends. Especially Paigy. Love y'all!

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