Larvae: Although adult echinoderms (sea stars and kin) we are used to seeing have radial symmetry, their larvae start out with bilateral as do most vertebrates. These larval brittle stars are an important pelagic stage for dispersal of their bottom-bound parents. They capitalize on the abundance of food in the plankton to support early growth prior to metamorphosis and settlement to the sea floor.

In pictures: Microscopic marine life

From : National Geographic Images photo : Russ Hopcraft - Larval Sea Star or Starfish

Dancing Queen - Brittle Star / North Sulawesi, Bali, Indonesia

Species: Brittle Star Ophiothrix family of Sea stars No PS touch, taken in Alung Banoa - Bunaken during Night Dive .

Enchinodermata, Ophiuriodea (Slangsterren/Brittle star)

Brittle Star and diver. Such a beautiful and mysterious creature!

A brittle star, barely as big as a nickel, crawls across the arm of an 18-inch-wide blue sea star.    photo by Birgitte Wilms (via Photo Tractatus)

A brittle star wanders across a blue sea star off the coast of the Solomon Islands (© Birgitte Wilms/Minden Pictures) –

Sponge Brittle Stars in the Caribbean

Beware of hungry Brittle Stars. They will prey on small fish like chalk bass,dart, chromis

Brittle Star /wezownica/

Brittle Star /wezownica/

A specimen of the brittle star Ophiocoma wendtii.

Seeing stars

A specimen of the brittle star Ophiocoma wendtii.

File:Brittle star in motion.theora.ogv

File:Brittle star in motion.theora.ogv

Ruby brittle star on brain coral (Ophioderma rubicundum), Grand Cayman, British West Indies

Ruby brittle star - Phylum Echinodermata will only be found in salt water some species such as sea cucumbers will explode if placed in fresh water.

FOSSIL BRITTLE STAR PLATE Ophiuroides sp. Ordovician Kataoua Formation, Tremadoc Series, Draa Valley, near Mecissi, Morocco

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Brittle Star- Enchanted Learning Software

Brittle Stars are invertebrates (echinoderms) that live on the sea floor. Brittle stars have radial symmetry and long arms.

Brittle Stars Baby Blue art print by COZAMIA - I've always loved this print! #art, #decor, #cozamia

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