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Brian May v Jim Barrington on fox hunting - Newsnight *** Fox Hunting is a beautiful Equestrian Activity turned into a morbid, senseless murder, it's no better than the primitive neanderthals that conduct and attend Bullfighting.

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100 Greatest Guitarists

100 Greatest Guitarists: Tony Iommi | Rolling Stone - (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, Mythology)

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Stop pretending legalising fox hunting is about farming, says Queen's

Pro-hunt politicians should stop pretending that legalising fox hunting is about helping farmers, Queen guitarist Brian May has said.

Brian May is Patron of WAAC WALES against ANIMAL CRUELTY. His campaign Pledge there to save our wildlife, to fight against David Cameron's pledge to overturn the hunting ban

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David Bowie becomes the Thin White Duke: High times from LA to Berlin in the cocaine years

David Bowie was the king of reinvention

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Por qué una mujer quería matar a Stephen Hawking en España

Stephen Hawking participódel Festival Starmus en Tenerife, España, junto a Kip Thorne, Hans Zimmer, Garik Israelian, Alexei Leonov y Brian May.

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Brian May attacks Princes William and Harry for hunting